Sound Effects / Foley / Found Sound

The Cortado MkIII reveals the hidden sounds lurking inside solid objects. Use the provided sensor putty or a spring clamp to stick it to anything and begin exploring.

Recording Studio

The Cortado MkIII can be used to mic any acoustic instrument: just stick one or two mics onto the soundboard. You can mic solid body instruments by attaching the sensor to any of it’s solid parts (body, headstock, etc…). You can even mic speaker cabinets by sticking the Cortado onto the cabinet’s solid surface, or directly onto the speaker magnet.

Venue Sound Reinforcement

Over 130 Cortado microphones were used under the NBA basketball courts in Orlando during the 2020 season. The Cortado has been used on football goal posts, baseball foul poles, under tap dance floors and theater stages to capture sounds free of contamination from ambient sound.